Welcome given to Scots food and drink job boost forecast


The SNP has welcomed a new survey that suggests more than 5,600 extra jobs could be created in Scotland’s booming food and drink sector by 2018.

SNP MSP Nigel Don said the research by the Bank of Scotland indicated firms will be increasing investment to target new export markets – contradicting the No campaign’s ‘Project Fear’ that the referendum is deterring investment.

Welcoming the survey, Mr Don, who is also a member of the Scottish Parliament’s Rural Affairs Committee, said:

“It is fantastic to see that two-thirds of the firms surveyed expect to increase their workforce in the next five years.

“The food and drink sector is vital to the Scottish economy and to hear it could “significantly exceed” the industry target of achieving annual turnover of £12.5bn by 2017 is testament to the confidence in the sector.

“The anti-independence campaign’s myths that the referendum is harming Scottish investment has yet again been shown up as nonsense.

“The truth is Scotland’s ability to attract investment continues to go from strength to strength and no-one can trust a word the No campaign says about investment – which will lead many more people in Scotland to conclude that we can’t believe a word they say about anything.”