Welfare, climate change and defence to head up SNP conference debate


SNP Business Convener Derek Mackay has commented on the significance of the upcoming 78th SNP Conference in Perth, which runs for four days from Thursday 18 October.

On the day that the draft agenda is being issued to party members, Mr Mackay said:

“The countdown to the historic vote on our nation’s future has begun.

“Over four days at Conference in Perth we will put forward the case for Scotland gaining equality and responsibility in the modern world.

“United around the one basic truth that the people best placed to make decisions on Scotland’s future are those who care most about Scotland, and that is all the people who live here, conference will focus on discussing delivering the progress our nation needs to make the most of its potential which will allow all of our citizens a better, fairer future.

“This conference is the first of a series of five SNP policy-making events to shape the policy choices ahead of the publication of the Scottish Government White Paper on Independence in November 2013.

“We begin in October with substantive debates on welfare, climate justice and defence (including the party’s position on NATO) in an independent Scotland.  With these and future debates, we will set out the SNP’s vision for our nation as it takes responsibility for its own future.”