Whyte & Mackay: No job losses at 40p minimum price



It has emerged that drinks firm Whyte & Mackay have admitted that there would be no job losses sustained at the firm if the SNP’s minimum price proposal was brought in at figure of 40p per unit.


Whyte & Mackay boss John Beard was recalled to appear before Holyrood’s health committee after evidence he gave on his first visit on the effects of the proposal contained figures that were subsequently revealed to have been based on the whole of the UK and not Scotland.


Mr Beard clarified his company’s’ position and revised the 300 Scottish job losses at 50p per unit down to 83 Scottish job losses.  However, when applying the 40p figure cited by the SNP Mr Beard confirmed that there would be no job losses at all.


The ‘no job losses’ was reported in BBC Scotland’s Politics Show on Wednesday 17th March where reporter Glenn Campbell said: “He[Mr Beard] further clarified that if, as is perhaps more likely, minimum pricing was brought in at 40p for Scotland it wouldn’t actually result in any job losses at all.”

Meanwhile, Tesco corporate affairs manager Tony McElroy has also been asked to re-appear in front of the health committee following “an apparent contradiction” in his evidence.

Mr McElroy told the Holyrood committee that the supermarket would be prepared to discuss minimum pricing with ministers, but expressed some reservation about the policy.

Holyrood chair Christine Grahame said that the evidence seemed at odds with that given by senior Tesco director David North, when he told a House of Commons select committee Tesco was in favour of minimum pricing.