Wind farm approved


Planning consent has been granted for a wind farm in the South-West of Scotland which could power the equivalent of more than 130,000 homes and create jobs for the area.

The Kilgallioch Wind Farm, in Dumfries and Galloway and South Ayrshire, is expected to have 96 turbines and have a generating capacity of up to 288MW.

The construction of the wind farm will create around 200 to 250 jobs during the three years of construction, and 13 full time jobs thereafter. The developers will also pay in to a fund to support local environmental and energy related projects, and fund the employment of two Countryside Rangers for the promotion, payment and management of the Southern Upland Way over the 25 years the wind farm is operational.

Consent has been granted but with conditions to protect the environment and provide the rangers for the Southern Upland Way.  The impact has been mitigated with the removal of a number of turbines from the original proposal.

Energy Minister Fergus Ewing said:

“The Kilgallioch Wind Farm will create jobs both in its construction and during its lifetime, as well as having the capacity to supply more than 130,000 homes with renewable electricity.

“The developers will fund two Countryside Rangers to help people enjoy the beautiful Southern Upland Way, as well as contributing to a fund for local environmental and energy projects.

“In consenting the application, I have put a number of conditions in place to protect the local wildlife and environment and recognise that measures have been taken to mitigate the impact of the development.”

Developers Scottish Power Renewables applied for consent and operate the Kilgallioch wind farm in Dumfries and Galloway and South Ayrshire on 16th March 2010. The original application proposed 132 turbines, however in order to mitigate the impacts this was subsequently reduced  to 96 turbines with a generating capacity of up to 288MW.

Related information

  • The Scottish Government has now determined 78 energy applications since May 2007.  Of these, 55 have been consents for renewable developments: 31 onshore wind, 1 offshore wind, 19 hydro, 4 wave and tidal and 17 non-renewable projects since May 2007.  The Scottish Government has rejected 6 energy applications since May 2007, all of which were onshore wind farms.
  • The Scottish Government’s Energy Consents and Deployment Unit is currently considering another 46 applications of >50MW capacity generating stations, including 43 renewables: 2 Hydro, 3 Biomass, 38 Onshore wind, plus 2 non-renewable Hydro. In addition to this there are 11 active applications for overhead lines, and 0 pipeline applications.