Winter weather


Scotland is braced and ready for winter with more than 360,000 tonnes of stock and grit in depots and a further 100,000 tonnes on order, Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill said today.

The levels of salt and grit have been increased this year following the severe winter in 2009/2010. The stocks of salt and grit were discussed yesterday during the third Scottish Government Resilience Committee meeting, chaired by Mr MacAskill.

The Resilience Committee will meet again tomorrow (Monday), chaired by Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon.

All Ministers are receiving regular updates today, and everyday, from the ongoing monitoring of the weather conditions.

Mr MacAskill said:

“The Scottish Government’s Resilience operation is closely monitoring developments in partnership with our colleagues in local authorities, the Met Office, Transport Scotland, and health, and developing preparedness and actions.

“Because we have our Resilience systems and planning in place, we have increased our stocks of salt and grit this winter – we have 360,000 tonnes in depots across Scotland, in every local authority area, which is more than two months’ supply at heavy usage, and a further 100,000 tonnes on order.

“It is inevitable that ice and snow will make driving conditions difficult during this time and will result in delays. Motorists must pay attention to police advice where that is given, and there are resources available for people planning essential journeys.”

The Scottish Government has activated its Ready Winter section of the website which contains practical advice and simple steps for people, including weather and travel advice –