Women will face brunt of Westminster welfare cuts


Westminster’s track record on women has faced further criticism today – after new research confirmed that women will bear the brunt of the vast majority of welfare cuts in Scotland over the next year.

Research from the House of Commons Library shows that out of a total of £4bn of welfare cuts coming to Scotland in 2014/15 – 69 per cent of the impact will fall on women.

Commenting, SNP Work and Pensions spokesperson Dr Eilidh Whiteford MP said:

“The Westminster Government has an absolutely appalling track record when it comes to women – so it comes as no surprise to see that women will bear the brunt of 69 per cent of Tory welfare cuts this year.

“The welfare state is being dismantled by Westminster and it is women who are being hardest hit – but a Yes vote in September would allow Scotland to take a different path.

“Westminster’s record on women and poverty is appalling. In an independent Scotland we can not only build a welfare state that is a tool to tackle poverty and is a springboard to a better life – but we can also take action to offer more opportunities for women.

“Too many people in Scotland – most of them women – are struggling to make ends meet in low-paying jobs.  With the full powers of independence we can ensure that the minimum wage increases at least in line with inflation – and we can transform childcare, allowing more women to get back into the workplace.”