‘Write Here, Write Now’ – Newsnet Scotland’s campaign to expand the ‘Great Debate’


Today Newsnet Scotland publishes an article from one of the most exciting and controversial figures ever to grace the Scottish political landscape.

The article from Mr Tommy Sheridan is passionate, thought provoking and hard hitting – exactly as you would expect from the man whose uncompromising style and refusal to back down has seen him take on one of the most powerful media organisations in the world.

Mr Sheridan’s contribution will enhance Scotland’s constitutional debate and will, we hope, act as a catalyst for more of Scotland’s political commentators to contribute to Scotland’s fastest growing online news site, Newsnet Scotland.

With over 89,000 unique visitors last month alone, Newsnet Scotland is fast becoming the place for radical, informative and accurate news, current affairs and opinion.

However our aim is to become even more influential and to challenge the tired predictability of some of our more traditional news vendors.

With that in mind, today we are launching our recruitment drive aimed at offering Scotland’s aspiring journalists the opportunity to cut their teeth, raise their profile and earn some money in what is sure to become the most exciting period in our nation’s history.

From today, Newsnet Scotland is introducing our new ‘Write Here, Write Now’ campaign.

This campaign will seek to offer a platform to student journalists young and old to report the news as they see it, to articulate the views of the inarticulate and to interview Scotland’s people – their people, our people.

Our aim is to expand the debate over Scotland’s constitutional future by providing an opportunity to all sides, and none.

We hope, through time, to cultivate a pool of talented writers capable of reporting news and opinion professionally, without fear or favour – regardless of political stripe.

We, all of us, have a responsibility to those past and those yet to be born to make the most of the 30 month period leading up to the historic referendum in 2014.

This is the time for those who can articulate their own and others arguments and who can report events, to step up to the plate.

It’s also an opportunity to present your work to the near 90,000 people who visited Newsnet Scotland last month.

Click the following link to find out more: ‘Write Here, Write Now’