WWF Scotland warns of threat to coastal communities


by Rona Mackay

A new report issued by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has prompted World Wildlife Scotland to warn that millions of people living near the coast of Scotland and the rest of the UK are likely to be hit by rising sea levels, erosion and storm surges.

Director Dr Richard Dixon said: “We are only seeing the first impacts of climate change.  There is more to come and potentially much worse.  Scotland’s weather will become more extreme and more unpredictable, meaning more droughts, floods, storms and even heatwaves.  One area of greatest concern is the threat to coastal communities from climate-induced flooding and storms, on top of higher sea levels.”

Dr Dixon said the report correctly highlighted the increased threat posed to the poorest and most disadvantaged in our society and should act as a reminder to politicians of the urgency to tackle climate change.

He said: “There are about 90,000 homes close to sea level around the coast which the government has identified as at risk, including areas along the Clyde, Forth and Tay.  The best way to head off the worst danger is to reduce the emissions which cause climate change and we will look to all Scotland’s political parties to tell us how they will deliver on Scotland’s tough climate targets during the election campaign.”