Yes campaign launches as pro-independence groups come together


The pro-independence referendum campaign launches today in Edinburgh as political parties, civil groups and businesses join together to unveil ‘Yes Scotland’.

Yes Scotland will see the Greens and Scottish Socialists join with the SNP in order to try to encourage the people of Scotland to vote yes in the 2014 referendum.
A host of celebrities including Holywood actors Brian Cox and Alan Cumming will be joined by Scots from all walks of life in a campaign that organisers say will offer broad based appeal.

Yes Scotland has been billed at the biggest community based campaign in Scotland’s history, designed to build a groundswell of support for an independent Scotland.

The campaign is also supported by a new website,

Meanwhile, former UK Chancellor Alistair Darling said the No campaign would be launching in the summer.

The Labour MP has been involved in talks with Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in the hope of forming a campaign alliance.