Yes-Flag appeal homes in on total


A crowdfunding appeal that will see ten thousand large Yes Saltire flags flown throughout Scotland this summer has reached over three quarters of its £9400 total.
The appeal – 10,000 flags for Yes – was launched on April 4th by Yes supporter and campaigner Mark Piggott.

On the appeal website, Mr Piggott writes: “We want Yes Saltires to be flying the length and breadth of Scotland this summer.  We believe this to be a crucial part of this summer’s massive push for Yes.”

Yes supporters have already backed the appeal, which ends on April 25th, to the tune of over £7500, which means less than two thousand pounds is now required in order to reach the target.

Explaining the reasons behind the move, Mr Piggott said the plan will lead to: “Big Yes Saltires, visible throughout the country, on flagpoles, in windows, being waved at cultural and sporting events.

He added: “Every Saltire flying household in the country can be approached and offered one of these to fly. Every major event this summer can have a large Yes presence, even those of you abroad can fly your Yes flags in support as the world starts to realise what is happening here.

“We anticipate distributing to ALL the various Yes area groups and to activists nationwide, as well as to specific Yes pressure groups such as RIC, LFI and Women for Indy.”

Newsnet Scotland has agreed to sell the flags, for no profit, from our own online store.  The flags will also be made available through the official pro-independence campaign group, Yes Scotland’s own online shop.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the 10,000 Yes Flag venture can do so by visiting the following website:–11#home