Yes groups unite to highlight opportunity to build better Scotland


Seven groups within the Yes movement joined have forces in a display of unity for a better, fairer and more progressive Scotland – and to reject an out-of-touch Westminster system that they say is increasingly ‘pandering’ to a UKIP agenda.
Africans for Independence, English-Scots for Yes, Polish for Yes, Scots-Asians for Yes, Trade Unionists for Yes, Women for Independence, and Yes LGBT linked arms in a show of solidarity and diversity.

On the day that UKIP leader Nigel Farage arrived in Glasgow to add his support for the No campaign, the groups issued a statement highlighting the ‘One Opportunity’ to build the kind of Scotland people know it can and should be.

The statement reads:

“Scotland’s strength lies in its diversity. Like a tartan, Scottish society is made up of many colours, many threads and many strands: each one of them vital to our Scottish identity. And all of us together, no matter our gender, sexuality, race or where we are from, are part of the modern, progressive Scotland.

“We believe Scotland will be better off with our future in our own hands, rather than in the hands of Westminster which increasingly panders to an unattractive UKIP agenda. Working together here in Scotland, we will do a better job of creating the sort of society we want and will avoid the risk of a future coalition of Conservatives and UKIP that would cut against the grain of Scottish opinion.

“The question for Scotland is: Do we allow our society to be shaped by the likes of Nigel Farage or do we take control and decide for ourselves?

“We’re proud to be part of the broadest and most progressive civic movement Scotland has ever seen. We want Scotland to embrace the opportunities of the 21st century and we look outwards with confidence to the world. We reject the narrow and insular attitudes of Nigel Farage and his party and regret the fact that Westminster is increasingly taking Scotland down this wrong and damaging path.

“There is a better way for Scotland. We can move forward with confidence and ensure that Scotland’s great wealth works better for the people who live here.

“On Thursday we have One Opportunity to ensure no more Westminster governments we didn’t vote for, driven by UKIP’s politics of fear. We can build a more prosperous and fairer Scotland for us all and that is an opportunity that is too good to miss.”

  • Africans for Independence
  • English-Scots for Yes
  • Polish for Yes
  • Scots-Asians for Yes
  • Trade Unionists for Yes
  • Women for Independence
  • Yes LGBT

Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, Scots Asians for Independence:

“Independence presents a massive opportunity for all of the wonderfully diverse communities that make up Scotland with the full powers of a normal nation that we will have after a Yes.

“Scotland is a nation that has taken its Asian community to its heart. The number of people that are registered to vote reflects a Scotland that feels it has a voice that will be heard and that voice is made up of all people, enjoying a national conversation.”

Angel Brammer, English Scots for Yes:

“Nigel Farage’s views do not reflect the views of Scotland and we have a chance to reject UKIP politics once and for all at the ballot box next week.

“I am English, and proudly so, but I live in Scotland and this is my home. And I believe that the best people to make decisions about Scotland are those who live and work here.
“One of our key messages is that a Yes vote will be good not only for Scotland but also for the other countries in these islands and that the social union after independence will not only be maintained but enhanced as a partnership of equals.”

Graham Campbell, Africans for independence:

“The kind of Britain Nigel Farage wants is at odds with what the Yes campaign is trying to achieve for Scotland. I’d ask undecided Africans to look at the UK government’s failed immigration policy. Similarly with students, the UK government wants to get rid of you after your studying, whereas Scotland wants to welcome you.”

Toni Giugliano, Yes Scotland’s sectoral groups adviser, said: “What a contrast between Yes and No: with 50 groups we have the broadest, most progressive movement Scotland has ever seen – from Polish for Yes to Scots-Asians for Yes – while on the No side they’re holding rallies for UKIP and the Orange Order.”