Yes Scotland launches Glasgow Debate funding bid


The pro-independence campaign group Yes Scotland have launched an appeal in an attempt at raising funds for a major referendum debate to be held in Glasgow.

The appeal, hosted by major crowdfunding site Indiegogo, hopes to raise a total of £5000 over eighteen days and follows an unsuccessful attempt at persuading their pro-Union rivals Better Together to join them in helping to organise the event.

The appeal, which kicked off earlier today, listed four key aims of the appeal which included:

  • Print and distribute a minimum of 100,000 leaflet advertising the debate
  • Book and pay for a large, open, and accessible venue in the City Centre
  • Publicise the debate in print, electronic and social media
  • Hire equipment for the event, including PA and video equipment

A statement published by the campaign group on the appeal page said:

“Four months ago we got in touch with our opponents at Better Together and proposed we, together, host a large-scale debate, with joint promotion, organisation and funding.  They told us initially they were ‘too busy’ organising speakers for meetings at Strathclyde University – a programme consisting of a grand total of 4 events over 6 months.

“We went back to them at the beginning of February, asking if they were now ready to sit down and begin the process of planning a debate and discussion supported by both sides of the debate in the best interests of democratic openness.

“They refused.

“We believe the people of Glasgow deserve better.  Whatever your views on the decision we’ll take in September, we believe you should have the opportunity to hear from those for and against independence, to see them test each other’s arguments, and to have your say in an open, free, and public forum.”

The group have insisted that, depite the refusal of their rivals to join them, they will invite speakers from each side of the debate and will secure an impartial and fair Chair.

To donate to the appeal, just click the following link: