Yes vote will save enough for 2300 Childcare staff


  The SNP has today highlighted new research showing the cost of maintaining the Westminster system in Scotland is equivalent to 2,305 full time childcare workers.

Angela Constance MSP, the Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary for Training, Youth and Women’s Employment announced these findings today – confirmed by SPICE – before meeting with parents and hosting an informal Q&A in Livingston that focussed on the opportunities a Yes vote offers for young families in Scotland.

Speaking from Kidzeco, a community hub and social enterprise that caters for families in West Lothian, Ms Constance outlined how only independence gives Scotland the freedom to pursue policies that work for the people of Scotland.

Ms Constance said:

“Scotland having to spend £50 million a year maintaining the Westminster system is totally absurd – especially when you compare it to what we should and could be investing public money in.

“With independence we will transform childcare, with a system that matches the best in Europe and allows more women back into the workplace.”

In March the Association of Scottish Businesswomen (ASB) said that the SNP’s transformational childcare plans would give more women the freedom to start their own business – and would see a major boost to women’s contribution to the economy.

The ASB’s Vice President Alison Henderson said that a change in childcare provision could see the contribution to the Scottish economy made by businesses owned by women reach £13bn – more than double the current figure of £5bn.

Ms Constance added: “Only independence enables us to make these savings by ending spending on the Westminster system with the draconian House of Lords which the money can then be invested in the first stages of transforming childcare.

“Only independence will deliver the tax revenues that will allow us to transform childcare. The number of women entering the Labour market would build up over time as a result of the policy.

“It is for this reason that Scotland must vote Yes next month if we are to gain the powers needed to have control over Scotland’s wealth and decision making that will enable us to build a fairer country where parents have the best childcare options and are able to get back into the workplace as soon as they are ready.”