Zara Kitson: On being green in 2015


Four months on from the referendum, and Scottish Green activists are readying themselves for the general election campaign to come.

Zara Kitson
Zara Kitson

During the referendum, Zara Kitson came to personify the new generation of political activists in Scotland.

Female and under 30, Kitson joined the Greens three years ago. Since the referendum she and her party have welcomed many more similar  first-time activists into the fold.

Green politics goes way beyond the constitutional issue. Party values are about people and a sustainable future. Here Kitson presents the Green case to  interviewer Derek Bateman, and reflects on the post-referendum landscape in Scotland.

Like the SNP, the Greens experienced a massive surge in membership post September 18. The party is more likely to concentrate its firepower on the 2016 Scottish election, in the hope of boosting its representation at Holyrood.

Meanwhile there are plenty of issues for activists to get stuck into, including the growing controversy over fracking and general energy policy in Scotland.

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