Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Goodbte Trum

And it’s goodbye from them…

By Newsroom and it’s hello to them
Covid new deaths

The race to save lives in Scotland

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon recently said in Holyrood and in interviews that the rollout of the vaccines, initially one, then two and...
What is the point of Labour

What is the point of Labour?

The leader of the UK Labour Party caused a bit of a stushie yesterday in Scotland with his comments on the Marr...
A comedy of errors

Well here’s another nice mess ou’ve gotten America into

By Russell Bruce With apologies to Oliver Hardy for borrowing his catch phrase used in 17 films between 1931...
Happy New Year Stay Safe for 2021

Happy New Year and stay safe for 2021

By Russell Bruce As 2020 comes to an end it is without a doubt that the early months of...

We will be back We are Europe

The European Movement in Scotland have released the video below which we think is extremely important along with the link to sign...

Just 4 more days left of the transition period

By Russell Bruce We are out - 4 days left Four days left of the transition...
Christmas Eve Sunset

Christmas Eve Sunset – Merry Christmas

As the sun set on Christmas Eve and Johnson claimed a hollow Brexit victory the sky spoke of a different future for...
Royal break Scotland's Helth rules

Rash Royals break Covid Rules

By Russell Bruce Queen sends Hanoverian pretender grandson on round Britain trip on Covid Express
Aamer Anwar

Lets get back to the core issues driving support for independence

By Russell Bruce The SNP have had an interesting conference, albeit with the restrictions the pandemic has imposed over...