Sunday, May 9, 2021
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Children, rights and Tories

Children, rights and Tories

The UK government has taken the decision to refer two Holyrood laws to the UK Supreme Court to decide if, in introducing and passing these bills, the Scottish Parliament has gone beyond its devolved powers despite the Lord Advocate and Parliament’s Presiding Officer allowing the passage of the bills, considering them within Holyrood’s competency.
Ipsos MORI Holyrood poll for STV 7 April 2021

SNP and Greens heading for big Indy majority, Alba stuck on...

By Russell Bruce The Ipsos MORI poll for STV indicates steady progress for the SNP and the Greens. Ipsos...
We are European

There’ll always be a Europe

By Russell Bruce But will there'll always be an England? This song dating from just before WW11 became a...
A look at Scottish polls over a longer term to see the trend

Polls: a look at the longer story

By Russell Bruce As each poll comes out independence supporters are looking to see what the immediate up/down short...
Independence 3 Another Country

Another country

Molly Pollock came across this powerful video by the great-great-nephew of Robert Cunninghame Graham - author, politician, traveller, socialist, internationalist, humanitarian and...
Alba Party the gamble

How many of you remember Alba Pools?

By Russell Bruce Alba Pools came as a tightly rolled piece of coarse coloured paper about an inch and...
New Scottish Election Acts

Journey to indyref2 – plan A to Z

Lindsay Bruce looks at the process to indyref2 and uncovers a 5 year process to bring about about our second independence referendum, rather answering those who have been asking what the SNP government and Scottish Parliament have been doing to deliver independence.
Draft Independence Referendum Bill published. Nicola Sturgeon cleared of breaching Ministerial Code

Two whoops of pleasure

Draft Independence Referendum Bill published. Nicola Sturgeon cleared of breaching Ministerial Code
Tory turns Salmond's spokesperson

Ruth Davidson acts as Salmond’s spokesperson at FMQs

Salmond's conspiracy clique gains The Baroness as spokesperson to recite David Davis' false claims under Westminster parliamentary privilege. The Scottish parliament does...
Alex Salmond with his old pal David Davis at Edinburgh Fringe Aug 2017

Goodbye Mr Salmond

Looks like you've had your chips Mr Salmond, Scotland has little need of you - and take your Tory pals with...