Monday, July 26, 2021
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UK gets Trussed up over Aussie 'deal'

Has the UK been Trussed up?

Molly Pollock takes another look at the so called Australia trade 'deal' now that a different interpretation has emerged from down under....

World…err…beating…umm trade…uhh…trade…err…thingwy

Australians are voicing disbelief at the UK acceptance of the trade ‘deal’. For the UK the only benefit is cheaper food coming at the expense of UK farms losing business. Rather than the ‘deal’ opening up new, foreign markets for UK businesses, this ‘deal’ appears to be opening up UK markets to foreign competition which will severely damage UK livelihoods.

Scotland’s food industry warns of dangers in hurried trade deals

In an important intervention Scotland's food industry and suppliers wrote today to Liz Truss warning of the dangers to jobs, exports and...

Democracy, food, the environment: Lessons we can learn from Iceland

Molly Pollock comments on our Nordic connections and the extraordinary experience of Iceland, one of Europe's poorest nations when it voted for...
Care Home Covid Deaths, Scotland and England

Covid and the BBC’s Care Home lie

By The Media Monitor How many times have you heard reporters claim that Scotland has the highest Covid care...

Kirsty Hughes responds to UK attack on Scotland’s international relations

Dr Kirsty Hughes of the Scottish Centre on European Relations posted a significant Twitter thread explaining Scotland’s relationship with other countries in...

Two men meet at a palace in Edinburgh

By Russell Bruce Is there something strange about that? When the man who is second in line to the...
BBC Scotland on Cummings revelations finds Nicola Sturgeon to blame for 4 nations breakdown

Dominic Cummings – BBC Scotland jumps the colonial shark

By The Media Monitor It's impossible to identify the most shocking and incendiary revelation from Dominic Cummings' testimony in...
The first hundred days speech

The first 100 days

Molly Pollock looks at key points from Nicola Sturgeon's speech in the Scottish Parliament today. Cross party working to be a key feature along with working towards close collaboration with the Greens on areas of agreement.
Scotland's wellbeing society with independence

Wellbeing and social justice are affordable in an independent Scotland

Molly Pollock looks at the Social Justice and Fairness Commission's route map to a fair independent Scotland and how it can...