Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Around the corner Phantom Power

Around the corner

By Margaret Johnstone This is an excellent video, made some months ago, that lays out what is ahead of...
Danish Frigate Niels Juel

Johnson to buy Danish designed frigates built in Scotland

By Russell Bruce As part Johnson's announcement on Thursday for new naval vessels were five Type 31 frigates. One...
Johnson: Devolution a disaster

Boris just pulled the pin out

Polling by YouGov found that Sturgeon was on +50 points. Johnson has dropped to -50 points after mismanaging the crisis, leaving 100 points difference between the two leaders.
2000 year old Syrian glass

Welcoming Syrian refugees and hidden treasures in a Scottish museum

By Russell Bruce Paisley Museum's Syrian glass collection to be displayed for the first time Today...
Trump's last stand

Trump’s last stand

By Russell Bruce Biden wins and republicans go for a replay of Custer’s last stand. Republicans...
US International Pandemic PREDICT programme

Trump destroyed America’s huge pandemic advantage

By Russell Bruce The New York Times has released a video detailing how the US invested 2 billion dollars...
Free school meals denied

Suffer the little children – in Tory...

By Margaret Johnstone In Scotland free school meals are currently available to all P1 to P3 pupils, as well...
Dear people of America

Dear America

By Russell Bruce Dear People of America, In Europe we have noticed that you have a...
To catch a mackerel

Power grab over fisheries

By Russell Bruce The government of Jersey is up in arms over a proposed UK power grab as it...
Tout seul au monde

Come to Edinburgh Michel Barnier

By Russell Bruce The permafrost surrounding UK /EU talks needs more than a little warming, even just moving...