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By a reporter

One of the real successes of the alternative media has been the new broadcasters – Newsnet interviews, Phantom Power documentaries and Independence Live events.

The team at Independence Live, led by Kevin Gibney, have worked with the operators of the Scottish social media network KILTR on live events, and recently interviewed Noam Chomsky. Next, we hear, it could be James Kelly!

The Independence Live team are in the middle of a fundraiser which Newsnet endorses. Here is their New Year message and appeal:

Independence Live are looking forward to 2016! We are planning to expand the joint projects with the new Scottish media such as CommonSpace, Bella Caledonia & KILTR. So far, these have included livestreams with Noam Chomsky, Yanis Varoufakis, Nicola Sturgeon and other great guests.

As well as looking for ways to further our collaborations, we plan to show these groups and others the various ways they can create LIVE content easily, for themselves or with other media organisations like Independence Live. By embedding these livestreams directly on their websites, they will be creating a new dimension to what they offer. This we hope, will drive more people to visit their website and be exposed to their other great news content. 

In addition we are hoping to get further involved in helping local groups with livestreaming and any other things that we may be able to help them with. There are many ways you can involve yourself with Independence Live, including livestreaming, interviewing, blogging, podcasts, designing, video editing, ideas and more… what do you want to do?

Walk as far as you can see and you will see further! Please join us on this journey. People like you are us.


Note: we are currently running a crowdfunder please help if you can or check our website for small monthly donations: