A calm perspective on Scotland’s future

Jamie Jauncey (Don Roberto and me) on the Holyrood election

By Russell Bruce

With the election just a few days away, this reminder that this is not an independence election is timely. We are electing a government to run Scotland, to stand up for Scotand and the encroachment by Johnson’s government that is changing the union from one of consent to the force of Westminster law. The commitment from Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP is to offer the people of Scotland a legal referendum when the danger of the Covid pandemic has passed. All the questions people have about what independence will mean are for later. All the information and answers to many questions will be put before the electorate well before they vote in a referendum.

Jamie Jauncey is the great-great nephew of Robert Cunninghame Graham (Don Roberto) – author, politician, traveller, socialist, internationalist, humanitarian and Founding President of the SNP. Jamie Jauncey offer a quiet and clear perspective on where we are at this point in time along with a positive vision on Scotland’s longer term opportunities.