National framework for a successful, inclusive Scotland


By Dorothy Bruce

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon today launched  the new framework for building a more successful and inclusive Scotland, and the way in which progress towards it can be measured.

The new National Performance Framework (NPF) includes 11 National Outcomes that set out the kind of country we want to be, and 81 National Indicators that will be used to track and measure progress towards achieving them. And for the first time National Outcomes are also specifically aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Under the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, Scottish Ministers have a duty to consult on, develop and publish a new set of National Outcomes for Scotland and to review them at least every five years.

The Framework was developed in collaboration with other parties with input from a wide range of bodies and individuals, including public and private sectors, voluntary organisations, businesses and communities.

Matching economic growth to quality of life

“The Scottish Government wants Scotland to be the best  place possible to live, work, grow up and study in,” said the First Minister who went on to say the Scottish Government recognised the huge importance of economic growth, but that growth had to be matched by improvements in the environment, in people’s quality of life, in opportunities available to people and public services they have access to.

“The new NPF belongs to all of Scotland and together we can fulfil the promise contained in it,” said the First Minister.

COSLA President Councillor Alison Evison said the new Framework provides opportunities for both democratically elected spheres of government in Scotland to work toward the outcomes through stronger and more meaningful partnership working. She said, “I think the NPF sets out the destination we all want Scotland to reach and I am delighted to put COSLA’s name to it as a joint signatory.”

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