P&O Ferries sail away

Queen Elizabeth berthed at Funchal in December

By Russell Bruce

Brexit is all going swimmingly as companies go global instead of the ‘global Britain’ that was promised. P&O ferries, founded in 1837, is re-registering its six cross-channel ferries in Cyprus to keep EU tax advantages. Now ferries with very British names like Spirit of Britain are leaving Blighty for more secure bases. P&O isn’t really British anyway as it belongs to DP World, headquartered in Dubai. The P&O brand is spread across the globe in a multitude of complex cross holdings.

The photograph is of the Queen Elizabeth – so that’s British at least isn’t it.? It is a particularly ugly liner, unlike its Clyde built predecessors. The Queen Elizabeth is a Cunard liner, Cunard is now owned and operated by Carnival Corporation and plc headquartered in Doral, Florida.

The Queen Elizabeth was photographed last month in Funchal, Maderia. Behind it was one of those P&O liners with the Butcher’s Apron splattered across its bow, as seen in TV commercials. British branding – but it too is owned and operated by Carnival Corporation and plc headquartered in Florida.

When it comes to Britain and Brexit nothing is what it appears or as portrayed

James Dyson, of bagless fame, and ardent Brexit supporter, has sooked himself off to Singapore. Sir James Dyson (71) is one of the richest men in Britain owning 100% of Dyson. The 71 year old billionaire plans to commute between Britain and Singapore. Jacob Rees Mogg’s, Somerset Capital Management, has chosen Dublin for its post Brexit European operations. He explained this was because the company had to operate in the investment company’s interests and not make decisions based on his political views. Quite clear that following Rees-Mogg’s views are bad for your wealth.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe of Ineos, with a £21bn fortune is leaving Britain for Monaco. When the rich are packing up and leaving it is time for the English working class to wake up and smell the cold tea.

Sony are moving their European HQ from London to Amsterdam. Anybody owning a warehouse in the UK is in a better position – for the short term – as those staying need to find space to stock food, medicines and parts as ferry ports and road arteries get clogged up with extra checks and bureaucracy.

Panasonic has already moved its European HQ to the Netherlands

France 24 and the Independent are reporting the Dutch government is in discussions with 250 firms interested in moving to the Netherlands in the wake of Brexit. A spokesman for Via, the Dutch investment agency, said: “The number of businesses we are in contact with for a possible arrival is growing. At the start of 2017 it was 80, at the start of 2018 150, and now it’s more than 250.”

Faisal Islam of Sky News reported: “Cross-Channel freight trade could drop by between 75% and 87% for six months in the event of a “no-deal” Brexit, according to a Border Force document obtained by Sky News.”

Why are Gove and Fox backing May’s deal to the hilt?

Their overriding priority is for the UK to leave on 29th March. They do not want an extension of Article 50 which would mean the UK is still in the EU as the EU moves to clean up member states with offshore dependencies with lax tax rules and registered trusts beyond scrutiny where the eventual beneficial owner is hidden behind a web of companies using nominee directors.