Are you a Scotland in Union ‘anonymous’ donor?



If you donated to Scotland in Union you can find out if you have been outed by typing  – FOI 020_18 donation and your name – into Google and you will then find information on your donation in the public domain. Your name will also appear on a pdf of correspondence between Scotland in Union and the electoral commission (and horrors of horrors – the names of all donors who gave more than £500 to Scotland in Union. This information is being provided because you may have thought your donation being under £7,500 would not be available for public viewing. Having decided to ensure your donation was within the limit for anonymous donations you might be concerned and we thought it only right to bring this to your intention.

In the event you might want to consider the now obvious risk of donating to Scotland in Union in the future,. We would humbly suggest you should keep such donations below £500 and make sure there are no multiple donations of such amounts as they then would become subject to aggregation in the interests of electoral transparency.


Calm down dears these links no longer work

So is the information now safe? That depends on your point of view. For those who think that this information, having slipped into the public domain would be remain as a record will be pleased to know that the correspondence and donor details are permanently archived.

For anxious Scotland in Union donors there is the comfort that news moves on and yesterday’s news is soon overtaken. Just the nagging worry that it will surface at an uncomfortable time in the future, linked to new stories. Perhaps prudence suggests this group of donors should give any future SiB fundraiser a miss rather than fiddle with permitted ‘anonymous’ ceilings.

Newsnet might be an unlikely source but the advice is well intended.