Monday, December 6, 2021
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Party or no party? That is the question

Molly Pollock looks over the Downing Street parties 'rule' with a 'statute of limitations' that starts and ends before the guests arrive.

Westminster does a U-turn on mask wearing

By Russell Bruce Johnson's flip-flop government For sometime England has been the odd one out...

Scotland’s NHS in imminent danger

Molly Pollock looks at the dangers the Scottish NHS is facing from Barnett formula calculations as England moves increasingly, with stealth towards...

A really frustrating place to work in

By Newsroom Rachael Hamilton, Tory MSP for Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire and owner of the Buccleuch Arms Hotel in...

Campaign to unseat 44 Tory MPs

Molly Pollock reports on the European Movement's campaign to unseat Tory MPs who voted for the 'trade deal' with Australia

Exclusive – Coal is ramping up not OUT and not Down

By Russell Bruce The real story shows coal use has been growing for years

Size doesn’t matter

It's ambition that counts First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s TED talk on how small countries can make a big...

Worth their weight in gold?

Molly Pollock looks at how MP's earnings compare with the rest of us. Spoiler - They are all Tories who are ...

Is this a beautiful Scottish loch or a giant power battery?

Hydro potential
By Russell Bruce In fact it could be both. The challenge of our times is to keep the windfarms...

Uproar over ‘No mask Johnson’

By Russell Bruce The image of Johnson breaking the law in Scotland during COP26 has gone viral. In England...