A danerous place

Richard Haviland in conversation with Alex Hall Hall

By Newsroom

This is a fascinating discussion between two former UK civil servants – Alexander Hall Hall, a former ambassador, whose recently published article in the Texus National Security Review, Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Dilemma of a Conflicted Civil Servant has come at a pertinent time; and Richard Haviland who for 25 years also worked in the UK Foreign Office as well as the Department for International Development.

Richard, a former No voter is now a supporter of independence and is active in the European Movement in Scotland. Six months ago he launched a furious attack on the Scottish Tories “vandalism of the Union” and also criticised Brexiteer Tories for “othering” the losing side of the EU referendum. The article in The National concluded with Haviland saying:

“I have come with considerable sadness to the conclusion that independence offers me a better chance of living in a reasonably functioning democracy that enjoys grown-up relations with its neighbours.”

Haviland also did an interview with John Drummond in which he spoke frankly about the struggle with isses that finally persuaded him to support independence. The interview can be heard here.

So a very apposite person to conduct an interview with Alexandra Hall Hall as she gives her views on Brexit, Theresa May, Boris Johnson and more. You won’t be disappointed.