An announcement from Newsnet Scotland


    As our readers may know, certain allegations have been made that Newsnet Scotland is not a registered company.  We are and our company number is SC405709.  Anyone can check this with Companies House 

    Our company is limited by guarantee and this means that there are no shareholders.  The company is not for profit.  Some companies are limited by shares and this means that donations made to a company limited by shares can be used to pay shareholders a dividend.  That is why our company is limited by guarantee as we have always wanted it to be not for profit.

    Today we consulted our lawyers.  We will issue a further statement next week.  We can assure our readers that Newsnet Scotland is not closing down.

    If you receive an email and you are unsure how the sender got your email address then you might wish to ask the sender how they obtained it.

    Newsnet Scotland does not send out mass emails to members; we respect each visitor’s right not to receive unsolicited messages.  If Newsnet Scotland has any announcements to make then the place you will read them is here – on Newsnet Scotland; currently viewed by over 55,000 unique visitors every month.

    Newsnet Scotland will now leave this small matter to our lawyers and continue to use our energies to give an alternative view of Scottish current affairs and news.  We would like to thank all our readers for your continued support and we look forward to many more years of success and hope that it will be Newsnet Scotland that you turn to for the headline ‘Scotland’s Independence Day’.

    All the best
    The Newsnet Scotland team{jcomments off}

    We apologise for the lack of a comment facility on this article, we have been advised to limit comments on this matter.