Breaking – Equality Nation gains right to petition EU Parliament on Scotland’s future

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Scottish petitioners to the EU Parliament, Equality Nation, has had its petition formally accepted by Head of Unit, Libor Bohäč, on behalf of the Secretary-General of the European Parliament.

The petition was lodged on 16th January using Scottish citizens’ rights to petition the EU Parliament in the days before their citizenship was removed by act of the Westminster Parliament.

The appeal from Equality Nation is that the EU Parliament agree Scotland has the right to choose its own future in Europe and that such an application would be welcome. The petition includes argument for rapid routes for Scotland to reclaim its European future, following a successful Independence referendum.

Russell Bruce, who acted as the registered petitioner for Equality Nation, explained that the appeal had also been sent to EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and other EU Commissioners. Russell said, “Our reasoning was that some parts of the petition should also be considered by the EU Commission to give weight to the views of the EU Parliament.”

“Knowing it would be some time before the Petitions Committee would consider our petition, we included a plea that it would still be given consideration after the UK left the EU on 31st January as we had submitted during the final weeks of our EU citizenship,” explained Equality Nation member, Lorne Anton.

The petition is registered under number 0042/2020.

“We were not entirely confident that we would get this far due to Britain’s Brexit shambles and are delighted that the petition has been selected for consideration,” said Dorothy Bruce, editor of

The full petition is available on the Equality Nation website link 1 and link 2

You can support Equality Nation’s campaign by signing an online petition at here