Come to Edinburgh Michel Barnier

Tout seul au monde
Tout seul au monde

By Russell Bruce

The permafrost surrounding UK /EU talks needs more than a little warming, even just moving to a shade warmer. Newsnet has a proposal to break the impasse. We think the Scottish Government could be an intermediary to break the current deadlock. Scotland may not be neutral but for that reason could progress matters towards the very limited deal that seems the only positive outcome at five minutes to midnight.

As Frost has told Barnier not to bother coming to London on Monday Newsnet suggests they both come to Edinburgh where they would be very welcome.

If Boris Johnson is the Emperor with no clothes David Frost is the naked negotiator playing playground bully scaring nobody but the people of these islands. Scotland should also invite David Frost to Edinburgh to see if he has the balls to turn up in the world of adults.

Whatever David Frost thinks he has for UK negotiations, Scotland is a temporary asset as the future increasingly looks like little England – Tout seul au monde.

L’Ecosse Ce n’est pas tout seul au monde. (Scotland is not alone in the world)

Scotland accounts for 32% of the UK land mass and has 55.55% of the maritime resource with all that means for multiple, mostly renewable, energy resources plus most of the fish.

Tout seul England doesn’t look as important as it tends to think it is against the totality of Europe. Newsnet would recommend Michael Russell as the perfect facilitator to help thaw the unnecessary frost at this strange stage in negotiations. The EU will never walk away and neither will Scotland when our European future is at stake.

Finally to play out – Tout seul au monde