Falkirk SNP group expose explosion of new council management posts


    The SNP Group in Falkirk Council has berated the ruling Labour in Falkirk for a recent explosion of highly paid appointments for new council officials.

    The SNP group voiced their anger following confirmation from Falkirk council’s Human Resources Department that the Appointments Committee which meets only rarely to appoint senior managers had never met since the current Labour-Tory coalition came to power in 2007 – a period spanning four and a half years – but had recently met no less than 9 times over the last 4 months.

    During this 4 month period, the Falkirk Labour-Tory coalition in council has appointed a number of senior council officers with a combined annual salary totalling almost £700,000.

    Councillor Lynda Kenna, SNP Group Secretary, Said:

    “The SNP are becoming increasingly concerned that Falkirk Council is involved in an unsightly rush to fill senior management posts, some of which have been vacant for four years while claiming poverty.

    “At the same time the current Labour-Tory coalition are cutting jobs, introducing new charges on services for the elderly and disabled, a raft of new charges for such as Pest Control and yet expensive management posts are being filled in haste.

    “The close proximity of the local elections leaves us with the suspicion that these appointments are being rushed through before the current Labour.  Tory Coalition are removed from power and replaced by an SNP with a view to making Falkirk Council leaner and meaner.

    “The SNP believe that the true numbers of new senior management appointments is actually higher. The figures don’t show the appointments and by the newly formed Falkirk Leisure Trust, the former Community Services Department transferred out of council control last year.”

    Ms Kenna added:

    “Who knows what the true picture is as we understand there have been several new appointments to the Trust management that have never been reported to Falkirk Council.  The lack of transparency is staggering and has to be addressed.”

    These revelations come on top of a recent Falkirk council report that recommended substantial increases in the salary scales of council directors, a report that angered the SNP.