Happy New Year and stay safe for 2021

Happy New Year Stay Safe for 2021

By Russell Bruce

As 2020 comes to an end it is without a doubt that the early months of 2021 will continue to be difficult as the virus is more dangerous than ever and compounded with Boris Johnson’s idiot Brexit deal will make life even more difficult than it needed to be for all of us.

31st Dec 2020 has seen the number of infections in Scotland increase by 28% compared to 30th December (2045 – 2622). For the same 30th to 31st December day change, the percentage increase in England was around half that at 14%. (43,554 to 49,410)

Today’s figures are a warning. Scotland still has the lowest rate of infections per million of population of the 4 nations by a significant margin. (England 38,019, Wales 47,111, N Ireland 38,4461, Scotland 23,329)

Our New Year message is a sobering one. The last thing our A&E departments need is the normal New Year admissions. For yourself, your family, your community and Scotland stay safe and follow the rules.

The statistics do suggest that people travelling to Scotland have increased infection rates but we also know that some of our population are also ignoring the rules and mixing and exposing themselves and others to the virus.

Looking beyond the early months of 2021 we hope for vaccine rollout to finally tame this dangerous virus and get the R rate down below 0.5.

It will be an important year for Scotland as we begin the process of cutting the anchor chain with Westminster and the Union with the Scottish Parliament elections in May. Then it will be full steam ahead for indyref2.

Believe in Scotland. Believe in yourself so that 2021 will be the year we changed Scotland for a better future of our own making.