Jim Murphy: So long and thanks for all the eggs


By Newsnet.scot Reporter

The nadir of Jim Murphy’s disastrous leadership of the Scottish Labour Party came at 3.09AM when his seemingly bullet-proof seat of East Renfrewshire was seized by the SNP’s Kirsten Oswald.

The result must surely mean Murphy’s departure as leader, little more than six months into the leadership role.

John McTernan: Scottish Labour "chief of staff"
John McTernan: Scottish Labour “chief of staff”

His campaign will be remembered as a series of bizarre media stunts, puzzling speeches and incoherence, despite it being run by seasoned Labour figures including “chief of staff” John McTernan and former Better Together chief Blair McDougall.

Murphy was privately critical of his predecessor Johann lamont, and began a one-man publicity campaign, visiting 100 Scottish towns and attracting controversy as his loud-hailer speeches railed against a Yes vote in last year’s referendum.

The man who said he would win every seat in Scotland at this election, and who predicted that he would be First Minister at Holyrood, said he was proud of Labour’s previous 13 years in UK Government. He congratulated the SNP on its momentous victories so far today.

“Scotland has lost so many great MPs from across the country. The fight goes on and our cause continues. The Scottish Labour Party has been around for more than 100 years and it will be here in another 100.

“Our fightback starts tomorrow morning.” commented Murphy, who appeared to indicate he would retain his position as Scottish party leader.


A last gasp attempt to win tactical support from Tory voters was not enough to save Murphy.

Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran lost her Glasgow East seat to Woman for Independence co-founder Natalie McGarry just minutes after Murphy’s defeat was confirmed.