Revoke Article 50 passes 3 million signatures


By Russell Bruce

The people are speaking. They are less than impressed with May’s government and Corbyn’s dithering. That might just be the understatement of the year.

May went to Brussels yet again to no point, asking for an extension of Article 50 to 30th June, something she has said for months she would never do. She yattered at them for 90 minutes and came away with an extension to 22nd May – if she could get her deal through Westminster next week, failing which a new crash out date of at least until 12th April. The ‘at least’ is interesting because it suggests if there is a radical change in what parliament does with May’s red lines they might listen to new proposals for inclusion in the political declaration.

May: “The people voted for pain”

That is what May told opposition leaders. It gives a rare insight into May’s religious convictions that are often the subject of comment. Flagellation is not what people voted for, but May is determined to hand it out anyway. It also explains why she persists in attempting to gain the support of the zealots in the ERG and the DUP. The ERG zelanti will not be moved.

Really the best option is just to revoke Article 50. May and the Tories have messed around with the biggest change to the UK’s position in Europe in over 50 years and made the UK a global laughing stock. Her European counterparts will be much relieved that this was certainly the last time they will have to endure her presence. Nobody in Downing Street thinks she has any chance of getting her deal through next week. The ERG smell blood.

Mandate wider than what was envisaged in different times

The mandate for Indyref2 is wider than the big risk foreseen in 2016. Nobody anywhere in the political world in Scotland, UK or Europe could have envisaged the UK could possibly be where it is today

The case for Independence is still overwhelming whatever happens. Revoking Article 50 does not end the mandate because England will still need to decide what its future relationship with the EU will be. Fraught times will continue with little really settled other than May’s cliff jump will be averted and serious damage to the Scottish economy avoided, for now.

Three years ago nobody thought May’s government could be this divided and incompetent. It was all supposed to be sorted over a year ago and a future relationship with the EU clear, so people and businesses could plan accordingly.

May has changed everything about the 2014 Independence refendum including taking powers away from Scotland without our consent. Powers over fishing, farming and the environment are removed from the Scottish Parliament in the Withdrawal Bill. Even revoking Article 50 does not mean these assaults on the powers of our Parliament will not return under new legislation.

Scotland needs independence and to make its own decisions on its international links, treaties and engagement. The mess of Brexit makes that ever more imperative. So much has happened, or not happened, in the last three years to give us scores of reasons to trigger Indyref2.

It is an outside chance that Article 50 will be revoked given the current composition of the House of Commons. Signing the petition adds to the pressure on Westminster. May is unlikely to survive the certain failure of Meaningful Vote 3 and the Speaker might still insist on some material change to the government’s motion.

Signing will, along with other petitions and demonstrations planned, help bring down the worst Westminster government in history. How often do we get the chance to help bring a useless government down? Its a no brainer and will give you a chance to vent your frustration with Theresa May.

Over 3 million and increasing by the minute

UPDATE 18.45

Many independence supporters are reluctant to sign the petition because they are concerned that we could lose the mandate for Indyref2. Joanna Cherry QC MP on twitter has just posted.

“Those who support #indy should not hesitate to support the campaign to #RevokeArt50. The arguments for #indyref2 are simply supported by #Scotland’s treatment throughout the #Brexit crisis. I know @AngusMcNeilSNP agrees!”

Petition now standing at 3,567,130 signatures