Brexit and Scotland


By Russell Bruce

Newsnet is pleased to present this fascinating video of a packed meeting in Selkirk last week. Michael Russell MSP, is the Cabinet Secretary for Government Business and Constitutional Relations. Mr Russell took the audience though a lucid explanation of the thorny questions Scotland is facing as the UK government fails to make progress in negotiations with the EU and repeatedly ignores the  wishes of the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament.

Scotland voted 62% to Remain and all parties in the Scottish Parliament supported the Scottish Government in seeking to remain in the Single Market and a Customs Union – with the sole exception of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party who now want to leave on whatever basis might finally emerge from the paralysis of a divided UK Conservative Government in perpetual internal conflict.

The event was arranged and supported by Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire SNP and filmed by the Newsnet team operating as Twinlaw Films.