SNP Launches its Glasgow council elections campaign


    With just over 100 days to go until the local authority elections, the SNP today (Sunday Jan 15th) launched its campaign to win Glasgow City Council with the announcement of all 43 local candidates.

    While Labour infighting and deselections on the authority continue, Deputy First Minister and SNP Depute leader Nicola Sturgeon said the SNP’s local team would fight for the priorities of people in Glasgow and focus on delivering the jobs and investment that the city deserves.

    Voters will go to the polls a year after the city elected seven local SNP MSPs.

    Ms Sturgeon said: “Last year people in Glasgow, many for the first time, voted SNP for a government that will always put Scotland first. At the local elections this May people can vote SNP again for a councillor that will put Glasgow first.

    “While Labour fight amongst themselves, the SNP will fight for Glasgow so that this great city gets the jobs and investment that it deserves.

    “At this election we stand with the best team, the best record and the only real vision for the future of our city. People know that the SNP is on their side which is why we are already the largest party in local government.

    “The SNP has a strong track record in local government that has seen councils ease the burden on local people with a council tax freeze, construct new council houses and expand access to free school meals.

    “All 32 of Scotland’s local authorities have confirmed acceptance of the SNP Government’s funding settlement – which will keep the council tax frozen, and protect teacher numbers and the 1,000 additional police officers delivered by the SNP, despite the biggest ever cut in funding from the UK Government. It is this record of delivery which SNP candidates will stand on in May.

    “The choice in May will be between the SNP, Scotland’s party of delivery, and Labour – a party of negativity.

    “We have the appalling situation of Labour’s civil war in the new leader’s own backyard – where seven of the nine sitting Labour councillors in Johann Lamont’s constituency have been suspended, deselected or rejected as suitable candidates.

    “In the run up to May’s local elections the SNP will be campaigning hard to show people in every community that working together at every level we can deliver local government that will make our communities better and help all of us to take Scotland forward.”