Trump’s last stand

Trump's last stand
Graphic includes a reproduction of Battle of Little Bighorn

By Russell Bruce

Biden wins and republicans go for a replay of Custer’s last stand.

Republicans may be downhearted but the scenes of pure joy and relief in Washington, Atlanta, California and New York point to a necessary direction for the US. Big difficulties lie ahead that will take all Biden’s and Kamala Harris’s political skills to move the US forward. There is no merit or future for republicans remaining in denial, however much a truculent Trump continues raging, ranting and raving on Twitter.

Sooner, rather than latter they need to come to terms with political reality and the change that will affect not just US national politics but how America is seen internationally with the return of constructive dialogue in the resolution of difference.

Custer did not have much choice when the last stand became inevitable. It is generally considered he did not know exactly the size of the Indian forces he would encounter as he contemplated his attack on a village of women, children and the elderly. His intention was to capture the families of Indian warriors because he expected they would then back off when they realised their families were in danger.

Republicans are facing their last stand yet remain in denial of the real difficulties their improbable legal battles face amid the unrelenting barrage of unhelpful rhetoric. Trump looks like a clockwork toy fully wound, charging off in all directions, hitting a wall as the spring dies then limping off for a rewind.

Our message to Donald J. Trump 45th President of the United States

It is over Mr President and you have known that for days but can never admit defeat because that is a sign of weakness in your eyes. Real strength comes from accepting reality but for all the bombast you cannot do that because your father, Fred Trump is still bullying you from beyond the grave.

The days remaining to you in the White House behove you to start acting with the dignity the office of President demands but which you have never shown. It is never too late in life to learn lessons and that there can be dignity in the way defeat is addressed.

Donald’s ear plugs

Donald Trump won’t listen to Newsnet’s well meant advice. We are just a little part of an international chorus calling for the dawn of reality, if not in the outgoing President’s mind, then in the body of opinion within the republican party that will fairly soon have to address how their party moves forward in the months ahead. The republicans did reasonably well in the Senate and the House, outperforming Trump. That other message from the people of America is the one they need to concentrate on.

Breaking: George W Bush on Sunday 8th November spoke to President-elect Joe Biden extending his warm congratulations. He also also called Kamala Harris to congratulate her on her historic election to the vice presidency

What happens next?

This is the shortcut to a complicated process to 20th January 2021

The vote count continues in every state until every one is counted and verified. There are a lot of votes still to count. California still has around 23% to count although the state was called early. New York has 20% votes outstanding and Alaska 50%, although nobody doubts Trump will get Alaska’s 3 Electoral votes.

There will be little adjustments towards final totals but very small numbers even where there is a recount, as in Georgia.

All states have to report their final result by 8th December and the Electoral votes must take place on 14th December. That should be final, final end game but glitches have happened before so the next date is 23rd December to resolve what are termed ‘faithless’ Electoral votes. Let’s not go there just yet.

The next major event is the new intake of new Senators and House Representatives who take their seats on 3rd January 2021.
But this is still complicated. Georgia has a runoff to elect their two senators because neither achieved 50% of the vote on 3rd November as required under Georgia law. That takes place on 5th January.

What is Congress? This is frequently mentioned. Congress is the bicameral legislature of the US federal government comprising The Senate and the House of Representatives. The latter is often referred to as The House.

The big change over

20th January is the big day. The Presidential Inauguration takes place at noon when Joe Biden becomes President and Kamala Harris Vice President. This is also the date Kamala becomes President of the Senate in her role as Vice President and the outgoing Vice President Mike Pence ceases to be President of the Senate.

20th January is when power shifts to the new administration until then Biden and Harris are restricted to indicative measures setting out how they plan to govern. In the past outgoing presidents have been cooperative when asked to introduce short term ‘fixes’. George W Bush gave short term interim relief to to the US auto industry at Obama’s request.

Are all governance issues resolved in the US? Well difficult times remain for the new administration but let us not go there today – 20th January is 73 days away.

The headline graphic includes a section of a photographic (restored) reproduction of a lithograph by Charles Marion Russell The Custer Fight (1903) Battle of Little Bighorn, The Library of Congress, Public Domain