“We are the people and we say… “


By Russell Bruce

The poll was commissioned by The Big Partnership from Opinion Matters who polled 1,000 Scottish adults 16+ weighted by Age, Gender and Region between 7 and 10 March.

Of the three SNP leadership candidates only Kate Forbes has a positive outcome. Both Humza and Ash are in significant negative territory. Their only relief is they did better than Douglas Ross who has the highest negative rating. Only Kate Forbes and Anas Sarwar came out with a positive score with little between them. Party members need to pay attention.

More to come later

I need to add that the full tables of this new Big Partnership poIl, I received early evening, are not yet in the public domain, but will be shortly. This is something I have been asked about. Newsnet received them as a news site.

22.57 pm Before digging further into this poll, I watched the hustings from Edinburgh a little while ago. The collegiate atmosphere between all the candidates was a welcome development. All the candidates have clearly developed their skills as part of the process of being candidates and placing themselves in the front line. They are all to be commended for having done so. With no disrespect to Humza it is also notable that Scotland’s governing party has two women candidates for leader and First Minister. There is something very North European about that. Ash, Humza and Kate all deserve respect for putting themselves in the limelight and comments on social media should reflect that.

The headline was amended to appear less ‘partisan’ at 8.08pm at the request of team members