WHO set up medical aid base in Ukraine

WHO medical aid base Lviv Ukraine

By Russell Bruce

The World Health Organization (WHO) set up a facility near Lviv, Ukraine, at the beginning of hostilities to provide health support to Ukraine in a number of ways. At a warehouse on the outskirts of the city, recently arrived World Health Organization (WHO) health supplies are readied for onward distribution.

Copyright: WHO

Tarik Jarasevic, WHO spokesperson: “We are here in Lviv, western Ukraine, in a newly established WHO warehouse that we put in place immediately after the beginning of the military offensive in Ukraine. This place will serve us to receive medical supplies that we will then, hopefully, be able to deliver to health facilities across the country. Already in the first few days we brought 36 metric tonnes of medical material, mainly needed to treat wounded people and perform surgeries. As well, there were some essential medicines for other sorts of diseases.”

Meanwhile, an emergency medical team from non-governmental organization and WHO partner Samaritan’s Purse is setting up a field hospital in a parking lot to relieve pressure on the city’s health system. John Troke, Samaritans Purse: “One of the biggest needs is medical supplies, as well as staffing. And as patient loads pick up, and more patients come, they are really going to need facilities. So our goal here is to take, to take really the pressure off the facilities that are there right now, and really be able to unburden them of the patients they are having.“We’re setting up a hospital that will treat over 100 to 200 patients per day. It’s got 50-70 bed capacity – an inpatient capacity – a trauma room, a triage, four wards – two male, two female wards – and then we have four ICU beds as well as two operating room theatres.”

From Lviv Central Station

The WHO film ends with various shots of Lviv station and the work of volunteers helping those leaving to prepare for their journey to Poland. People affix sign to a lamp post reading “Free buses to Poland”. The volunteer-led space in Lviv Central Station above the main platform is where women and young children can rest, warm up and have a meal before continuing on to Poland.