YouGov poll – Scotland rejects anti-independence coalition


    The latest Sunday Times survey on attitudes to UK party leaders shows that their unpopularity is manifested to a greater degree in Scotland than in other parts of the UK.

    All three anti-independence parties’ leaders are significantly more unpopular in Scotland than elsewhere in the UK.

    The three party show significant overall negative popularity ratings:
    – Tory Prime Minister David Cameron’s unpopularity is five times as great in Scotland as it is across Great Britain (-37 to -7)
    – Labour’s Ed Miliband unpopularity in Scotland is virtually the same as the Lib Dems’ Nick Clegg (-58 to -59).

    In contrast the latest poll ratings for Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond (Ipsos-MORI, December 2011) show 62% of people in Scotland are satisfied with his leadership.

    A clear North South divide satisfaction rating is evident from the figures for the question:
    ‘Do you think that David Cameron is doing well or badly as Prime Minister?’

    Scotland (30%), North of England (56%), Midlands/Wales (59%), Rest of South(38%) London(44%)

    Scotland (67%), North of England (38%), Midlands/Wales (35%), Rest of South(49%) London(46%)

    The Sunday Times YouGov survey reports:
    When asked the question: ‘Do you think the coalition government is good or bad for people like you?’,
    – 63% in Scotland say the UK coalition government is bad with merely 13% saying it is good; this compares to figures for the UK as a whole showing 53% say the UK coalition government is bad and 21% good.

    Economy: when asked the question: ‘Do you think the coalition government is managing the economy well or badly?’ :

    – 71% in Scotland say the UK coalition government 71% say badly compared to only 24% who saw well – a net dissatisfaction of -47; this compares to 56% badly and 36% well for the UK as a whole – a net dissatisfaction that is over half that of Scotland at -20.

    When looked at there continues a clear North South divide in satisfaction ratings seen in other polls:

    Commenting SNP MSP and Deputy Whip Bill Kidd said: “Scottish voters are clear that David Cameron, or any other of the leaders of the anti-independence parties, do not represent their needs.

    “The UK Government’s refusal to change its economic strategy, and Labour’s recent acquiescence, to invest in the capital projects that would help to create jobs and support recovery are just part of their problem.

    “Panic induced comments from anti-independence party leaders to lecture Scots on an outdated union do not match the aspirations of the people of Scotland.

    “Their recent remarks are the same old and tired Tory scaremongering and they may want to rethink their language before they alienate more voters in Scotland. Whilst they cling to an outdated union and fails to offer the full financial powers the Scottish people want the SNP will continue to lead the ambitions of the people across the country for Scotland to have the same status and powers as any other nation.

    “As the election resoundingly demonstrated, the ambitions of the Scottish people go far beyond the inadequate Scotland Bill proposed by the anti-independence parties. And the SNP will ensure that people can vote to achieve a vibrant, successful, independent Scotland in the referendum in the second half of this Parliament – exactly as we said in the election.”