Episode 14: Yes academics to the fore


It was the turn of the academics to discuss the case for Yes as the Bateman studios prepared our latest podcast, less than a fortnight before Scotland’s Big Vote.

Professor Iain Docherty (right), whose job is to research good government, gives his view on the case for a Yes vote, the dilemmas facing the Labour Party in Scotland, and how an independent Scotland might actually run its own affairs.

Iain Docherty studies good government
Iain Docherty studies good government

And Dr Mairianna Clyde, Open University historian (left), explains the background of the 1707 Act of Union and the legal and historical arguments about Scotland’s relative relationships with the UK and the rest of the world.

Marianne Clyde has studied the Act of Union
Mairianna Clyde has studied the Act of Union





Both are thoughtful academics who are looking beyond the referendum and considering how Scotland might best be governed, covering key areas such as local government, the planning process and the quality of our democratic structures.

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Iain Docherty video extract is now on YouTube

Mairianna Clyde video extract is now on YouTube