Episode 17: Poll aftermath


Referendum aftermath: What next for the Yessers, and what lessons to be learned from the campaign?

Women for Independence’s Susan Stewart and journalist Maurice Smith discuss what went wrong for Yes and what happens next for Scotland.

Susan Stewart of Women for Independence
Susan Stewart of Women for Independence

They get together with presenter Derek Bateman to chew over the referendum experience, and where it leaves the various political players in Scotland and London. The SNP will have a new leader soon, but will Labour? And what happens with all those new party members who have rushed to join the pro-Yes parties in the wake of that Sept 18th defeat?

One thing is certain: Bateman Broadcasting WILL continue to provide an interview based podcast service between now and the next big political milestone, the UK General Election scheduled for May 2015. We are currently planning for the future, with more news to come soon.

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