Episode 18: What next ?

Derek Bateman

Leading Scottish journalist and Yes campaigner Ruth Wishart joins Derek Bateman and Maurice Smith to discuss what happens next for Scotland in the wake of the referendum, as the Westminster parties squabble over the future of Scottish devolution.

In the wake of that infamous “Vow” to Scottish voters, and as Lord Smith pulls together his Commission in the hope of achieving consensus on additional powers,

Ruth Wishart
Ruth Wishart

Ruth and her colleagues attempt to piece together what may happen to the constitutional debate in the run-up to the UK General Election in eight months’ time.

It doesn’t make for comfortable listening.

Ruth Wishart has been for many years a stalwart of Scottish journalism, her career spanning the Sunday Mail, the Sunday Standard (a much-acclaimed newspaper which lived and died within just two years at the height of the early 1980s’ recession), and The Scotsman, where she was Assistant Editor. She is a frequent contributor to broadcast current affairs, a former Herald columnist and now contributes regularly to The Guardian and other publications.

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