Episode 19: Scottish Political re-alignment


How are the Scottish political parties responding to the post-referendum scene? That’s a question Derek discussed with invited guests Zara Kitson and Dr Tom Lundberg on Bateman Broadcasting this week.

Zara Kitson, Scottish Green
Zara Kitson, Scottish Green

The Scottish Greens have attracted so many new recruits since September 18 that they had to find a bigger venue for their annual conference earlier this month.

The other pro-Yes parties, and most notably the SNP, have also experienced a surge of interest. Membership has leapt, all good news for the party hierarchies as they plan for next May’s UK General election and the Scottish elections in 2016.

Zara Kitson is an emerging figure in Scottish Green politics. She stood in the Dunfermline by-election last year, and played an important role in the party’s Yes campaign.

Dr Tom Lundberg
Dr Tom Lundberg

Tom Lundberg, politics researcher at Glasgow University, has expertise in the “new” politics of devolution and also in societies which embraced electoral reform.

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