Episode 22: The media and the referendum


So was the mainstream media in Scotland deeply involved in a dark anti-independence conspiracy ? Or is the truth much more  simple to explain in a media market that is under assault on all fronts and struggling to survive in its current form?

Paul Holleran
Paul Holleran, NUJ Scottish Organiser

Paul Holleran, Scottish Organiser of the National Union of Journalists, had as close a view as anyone during the height of the referendum campaign. On the one hand his job includes an almost-daily battle to preserve jobs, and on the other he had members appealing for support as they faced alleged threats and intimidation.

Paul provides a unique insight into what was going on behind the scenes, and sheds some light on what it all means for the post-referendum media, including its “new” arrivals.

Ivan McKee
Ivan McKee, Business for Scotland

Also speaking to Derek in this podcast is Ivan McKee, a business leader judged by most to have had a “good referendum” on behalf of the pro-Yes organisation Business for Scotland.

Ivan discusses the current political situation, and what it means for us all, including the business community.

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