Episode 23: Considering the Sturgeon effect

Derek Bateman

Host Derek Bateman is joined by journalist and producer Maurice Smith as they discuss the elevation of Nicola Sturgeon to the First Ministership, and the implications for her party and Scottish politics.

A second UKIP by-election victory in England and the ongoing Labour Party crisis in Scotland set the stage for what is likely to be a lengthy and bitter campaign for the UK General Election over the next six months.

London calling
Derek Bateman faces the mic

Derek, a journalist, broadcaster and blogger who built a significant following during there 2014 referendum campaign, wants to know what makes Nicola Sturgeon tick, as she takes over the roles of SNP leader and First Minister.

Maurice Smith
Maurice Smith in the studio

Maurice, a former print and broadcast journalist who is now a video producer, intends to cover the media as it copes with the implications of market pressure and political change.

Together, Derek and Maurice bring an insightful and sometimes lighter approach to their respective takes on the campaign from a Scottish perspective.

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