Episode 25: Stark choices facing Labour in Scotland


The Labour Party in Scotland faces crisis as its members and affiliates weigh up who should lead it into the UK and Scottish elections of 2015 and 2016.

With the leadership election to be decided this month, former leading Labour figure Steven Purcell joined Derek Bateman to consider the outcome of the September referendum, class politics, the success of the nationalist movement and what it all means for  the party that dominated Scottish politics for so long.

Steven Purcell
Steven Purcell

Steven (right) speaks very  frankly about the challenges facing Labour, and what the new leadership may have to do to stem the losses indicated by recent opinion polls.

He paints a stark picture about the issues at stake for Labour. It is important listening for everyone with an interest in Scottish politics, regardless of party.

Prof Tony Carty
Prof Tony Carty

Also in the programme is Professor Tony Carty (left), currently chair in Public Law at the University of Hong Kong, and previously of Aberdeen University.

An expert in international law and human rights with a specialist knowledge of the theory of autonomous regions with states – such as Scotland and the Basque country – Prof Carty has thought provoking views on the referendum and the law.

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