Episode 6: Creatives

Author and playwright Alan Bissett

Bateman Broadcasting took on the views of The Creatives this week, including newspaper editor Richard Walker, playwright and author Alan Bissett, screenwriter Sergio Casci and political strategist (yes, they can be creatives too!) Stephen Noon.

Richard Walker Sunday Herald editor
Sunday Herald editor Richard Walker in the Bateman Broadcasting studio, discussing the role of the media in the referendum campaign.
Screenwriter Sergio Casci
Screenwriter Sergio Casci in light-hearted mood as he enthuses about the campaign – and Katie Morag !


This week’s podcast took on a creative complexion as various people from media and the arts discussed the campaign front. Sunday Herald editor Richard Walker (left), whose paper came out for Yes earlier this year, gave a lecture on the media and the referendum at the Common Weal conference in Glasgow earlier this month.



Screenwriter, former journalist and all-round good guy Sergio Casci (right) — who helped bring the redoubtable Katie Morag character to screen — is a Yes campaigner and one of the people behind the Aye Talks event (and website) featuring various prominent campaigners.



Political strategist Stephen Noon
Yes campaign political strategist Stephen Noon adds some intellectual gravitas.
Stephen, Amanda and Alan
Author and playwright Alan Bissett prepares to intervene as producer Amanda adjusts sound and Stephen Noon looks on. Alan’s been talking to people on trains – always dangerous!


Stephen Noon is the man charged with charting voter opinion and advising the Yes campaign on where to go next in terms of emphasis and topic. An affirmed blogger, Stephen (left) relishes the facts and figures of political campaigning, and is generally recognised as one of the smartest guys in the SNP / Yes camp.



Playwright, author, Yestival leading light and Falkirk Bairn Alan Bissett is busy, busy these days. Apart from campaigning, he’s been writing about the campaign, campaigning about the campaign, acts as a Cultural Ambassador for the creative group National Collective, for whom he’s contributed towards a forthcoming book….. and his solo show Ban This Filth!  opens next month in Edinburgh.