Podcast: Halloween horrors of a Tory majority at Holyrood…


What a weird world we are living in right now. A world where Japanese car manufacturers suddenly reverse all their concerns about Brexit and commit to spending millions in Leave-voting Sunderland, but without any UK Government promises of subsidies…

Steven Purcell
Steven Purcell

Yeh, right. But the intoxicating fumes of Japanese lobbying and Tory plotting may be having an influence on otherwise-sane people everywhere. Perhaps even in Scotland some are thinking the unthinkable. Might Brexit work out just fine for everyone? Will the SNP ever hold a second independence referendum? Could Ruth Davidson – Scotland’s Politician of the Year as of Thursday night – actually be a future, gasp, First Minister?

Podcast host Derek Bateman tapped out the hallucinogenic contents of his genuine fake 1960s peace pipe and invited former Scottish Labour leading light Steven Purcell and journalist and producer Maurice Smith to examine the ashes. Our long-suffering producer Amanda recorded those bits that were fit to publish…

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