Podcast: The Scottish opposition parties, local government and Europe…


What is happening to opposition politics in Scotland? Derek Bateman and this week’s podcast guests chew over what’s actually going on as the various parties assemble themselves in advance of the Scottish Parliamentary elections in May.

Carolyn Scott – ex NewsShaft team and currently working for independent MSP Jean Urquhart – says she’s now leaning towards the RISE alliance as she considers the runners and riders for May. Fellow guest James Kelly is pro SNP and intrigued by what may happen on “first and second votes”.

Whatever happened, the results doesn’t look good for the Labour Party as it grapples around policy positions and attempts to fight off the Scottish Conservative Party which claims it can take second place ahead of Labour and take on the mantle of official opposition to the SNP.

This podcast debate gets down to it when it discusses local government reform – and especially financial reform – with the debate lodged between political tactics and longer term strategy. And there there is Europe…

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