Referendum Journeys – Lauren Reid


Staunch No supporter and ex soldier Lauren Reid experienced a notable conversion after a debate with a Yes-voting friend.

As a result she is now an adamant Yes supporter, actively campaigning in her native Bathgate. Her home is festooned with Yes flags and stickers. Her family have all become used to Lauren’s busy referendum schedule.

More than anything, she says she is now much more politically aware and likely to continue to get involved in  future campaigning too.

Yet her background — brought up as a fierce Unionist and a supporter of the Orange Order — would suggest that Lauren is a most unlikely convert. Her story was first revealed when she wrote to the pro-independence blog Wee Ginger Dug, and was picked up in the national press.

We caught up with Lauren in Bathgate to find out more.

Lauren Reid 2
Lauren Reid – can you guess which way she’s voting ?

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