Our video top 10


It’s time ! Yes, time to vote obviously. But it’s also time for BatemanBroadcasting to reveal the top 10 videos on our YouTube channel.

We’ve been running the BB podcast for months now, attracting thousands of listeners eager to hear the views of a range of referendum campaigners. People who wanted to go beyond the “sound-bites” and spin to hear longer-form interviews.

Some weeks ago we launched video versions, and here in ascending order is our Video Top 10:

At number 10 is Women for Independence’s Kate Caskie.

At number 9 is historian and commentator Prof Murray Pittock

Number 8 is the governance expert and academic Iain Docherty

Number 7 is historian and activist Mairianna Clyde

At number 6 is Crawford Beveridge , the man who chaired the Commission that recommended currency union,

Halfway through in fifth place is our very own promotional video, thanks to everyone who has watched it and please keep sharing !

Number 4 in our video Top 10 is the fabulous Elaine C Smith

Third place by a narrow margin is last week’s contributor, former SNP MSP Andrew Wilson.

Clearly in second place is ex-footballer and fervent Yes campaigner Michael Stewart.

And the runaway winner, with the most popular contribution to the Bateman Broadcasting YouTube channel, is the social historian Billy Kay. Well done Billy!

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