Video – Bateman Broadcasting on Youtube


Its here! Bateman Broadcasting has its very own promotional video, highlighting our approach to journalism and our distinctive emphasis on long-form interviews.

We’ve been recording some footage from across the last 14 weeks and have an array of content for you to check out on our Youtube channel, including this short video following Derek, Amanda and their contributors as they prepare for a day of recording.

Our channel also features videos from interviews with Elaine C Smith, Billy Kay and Philippa Whitford.

If you like the channel, please help us promote it by linking to it, or embedding it to your own online sites.

Bateman Broadcasting offers a unique perspective. We believe our interview-led approach will add real value and lively content to the political debate in Scotland.

You can subscribe to us on iTunes, just search for Bateman Broadcasting and follow us on Twitter at @Bateman_Podcast. You can also find us on Youtube here including an edited video version of Michael Stewart’s interview.

Listen to it every week, bookmark this page and please recommend it to everyone you know.