Monday, July 22, 2024
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Tag: australia

Campaign to unseat 44 Tory MPs

Molly Pollock reports on the European Movement's campaign to unseat Tory MPs who voted for the 'trade deal' with Australia

Exclusive – Coal is ramping up not OUT and not Down

By Russell Bruce The real story shows coal use has been growing for years
We are European

Welcome to social distancing from Europe: Max Brexit

By Russell Bruce Five years ago England (and Wales by a narrower margin) voted for Brexit. Scotland voted 62%...
UK gets Trussed up over Aussie 'deal'

Has the UK been Trussed up?

Molly Pollock takes another look at the so called Australia trade 'deal' now that a different interpretation has emerged from down under....

World…err…beating…umm trade…uhh…trade…err…thingwy

Australians are voicing disbelief at the UK acceptance of the trade ‘deal’. For the UK the only benefit is cheaper food coming at the expense of UK farms losing business. Rather than the ‘deal’ opening up new, foreign markets for UK businesses, this ‘deal’ appears to be opening up UK markets to foreign competition which will severely damage UK livelihoods.

Trade deals: Farming, fishing and rural voices

By Russell Bruce Lots of speculation on the implications of an Australian/UK trade deal. The issue for Johnson's Brexit...

‘No Indians or Asians’ job ad sparks outrage

An Australian supermarket chain is at the centre of a social media storm after an advert appeared in a local newspaper asking for staff,...

Fantastic rugby win for Scots as they beat Australia 9-6

Scotland have beaten Australia in what will go down as one of the most incredible performances in their rugby history. The 9-6 win was...

Rugby World Cup: Magnificent Ireland triumph over Australia

Ireland has caused a huge upset in the Rugby World Cup by beating one of the tournament favourites Australia by 15 points to 6...

UN accuses Australia of ‘demonising asylum seekers’

The Human Rights Commissioner of the United Nations has questioned Australia's tough asylum seeker policies, stating that Australia's mandatory detention regime has "cast a...